Payment and Shipment

Before submitting order on quality Trip resort website, please get acquainted with payment methods we offer to use when buying psychedelic drugs and research chemicals here:

Western Union (it is one of the most respected and well-known methods to pay for your order which is easy-to-use and can be used wherever you are)

Money Gram (a great number of countries all around the world accept this payment method which guarantees the safety of your payments)

Walmart (with the help of this payment method every our client can pay for ordered products in the city/town of their residence)

Bitcoin (this payment method is becoming more and more popular every day. Please note that there is a necessity to pay additional fees because of the instability of Bitcoins)

Paypal(Note** All payments made via PayPal, are to be made under family and friends and a screenshot of the confirmation of transfer is required)

CashApp(Payments are made via CashApp directly to our Cashier’s CashApp address)

WorldRemit (a great number of countries all around the world accept this payment method which guarantees the safety of payments)

Venmo(Note** All payment made via venmo should be made under transfer reason as FOOD and Drinks.)


Our company works rapidly after orders so our consumers receive their packages as fast as possible. Delivery time is usually 2-7 days and it usually depends on the chosen shipping method
Note Urgent deliveries can be processed within the States such that clients receives their orders within 9-24hrs after ship out. But this incurres extra delivery charges depending on the location . Quality trip resort works overnight which is an added advantage to our company.

Available methods of delivering your order:


Company Policy must be accepted by all those who decides to order from our online store.

Quality trip resort only provide quality products and guides but doesn’t predict trip experiences and as such clients should be mindful of their dosage and quantities. We also do not predicts results of researches and we are not responsible for them.

All our consumers confirms the use of Psychedelic drugs for trippy experiences, medical and research purposes ONLY.

All Quality trip resort clients confirm that We are not liable for any harm no matter direct or accidental.
They state that they are thoroughly responsible for appropriate use of psychedelic drugs and confirm their knowing of a wide range of possible risks.

All consumers who want to buy psychedelic drugs online in our store must be knowledgeable with various restrictions which exist in a number of countries.
They agree to check the legal status of the respective desired psychedelic drug in the country of their residence before they submit the order.

You certify that as a consumer, you’re fully knowledgeable about psychedelic drugs and also as a researcher, you’re belonging to a group of researchers or scientists who are skillful enough to conduct experiments with psychedelic drugs.

Quality trip resort is not engaged in manufacturing, supplying and selling prohibited drugs or research chemicals.

Quality trip resort leaves the right to make changes into the website parts and descriptions of various psychedelic drugs and research chemicals for sale in order to improve company’s continuous efficiency.

Quality trip resort works hard to offer the best quality not only of our products, but also of our services. We guarantee a first class discrete packaging of all orders with the purpose of being delivered unharmed, being scent detected or penetrated by an x-ray Scanner

Our company understands how it is important to provide services of a high quality especially when there is a great number of other psychedelic suppliers who don’t follow necessary rules and can bring you many unexpected problems. Quality trip resort is your number one dependable and helpful partner in this case.

Quality trip resort guarantees providing reshipment services if there will be a necessity in case of package loss and all a full refunds in specific cases. We provide such services at our own expenses so as to ensure the satisfaction of our clients above all odds.
All of your orders will be received on time. Orders are shipped after payments have been made.
Our company does not disclose personal informations of our clients to third parties.

Note** All products outlined on our gallery with specific detailed prices are available for sale in all quantities at out online store.

Quality trip resort thoroughly recommends being familiar with this information before you start buying products on this website:

Our company isn’t engaged in supplying drugs and research chemicals which are prohibited in European countries and the USA.

Our website may contain some information about substances which are prohibited such as weed and coke and meth, this is just for the purpose to make this website more popular when it comes to seeking more knowledge about drugs and other research chemicals via search engines.
Consumers can’t buy such substances as they aren’t available in our online stores.
Only persons who reached 18 can place orders and make purchases on quality trip resort website.

Note** We do give preferences to minors seeking our products for medical purposes.

All our products must be used for Trippy Experiences, research, Meditation, medical and educational purposes only.
All of our products are marked with the amount of purity.
You will get substances which are equal or have higher level of purity than it was stated.
Quality trip resort is not responsible for various trip experience of people who buy our products and as such, clients should be mindful of their dosage and quantities.
It is necessary to use the substance properly according to all necessary requirements.
Quality trip resort has no guarantees and is not responsible in case of overdose, abuse or overuse and is not in charge of any kind of loss which was received because of illegal and inappropriate usage of our products
Quality trip resort doesn’t promot the illegal use of our products and does not act in such direction.
Quality trip resort recommends to get acquainted with legal issues concerning psychedelic drugs in the country of your residence before you decide to buy it on this website so as to determine the type of packaging and delivery to be processed. This is very important as it ensures the 100% security of our clients

You can not return purchased products.
All our consumers accept and confirm the fact that they are located in countries where the utilization of psychedelic products are legal and also provided research chemicals are legal and not controlled. If not otherwise, should be states.
Quality trip resort supplies substances which are consumed based on specific guides. Quality trip resort has 100% responsibility for any kind of loss and damages during delivery or delay in delivery. This is only when clients comply fully with both our guides and demands and also that of the delivery agency.
Quality trip resort delivers orders after the full cost of ordered products has been paid.
Submitting orders on our website, all of our consumers confirm they are fully knowledgeable about psychedelic drugs, doses and mode of consumption and researchers should ensure they are belonging to credible research institutions or facilities which have the right to use psychedelic products in their experiment.
Quality trip resort is obliged to deliver ordered products within 5 working days after we get your payment in full.
But we also provide emergency delivery services where clients get their products with 9-24hrs after ship out. This incurs additional delivery charges. Shipping time varies as it depends on many factors

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